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Cherry Cheesecake with Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookie
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Even my stars can’t make me happy tonight.

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Fuck :(

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I just spent like three hours cleaning my car out and scrubbing the floor on the passengers side to try and get this nasty stain out. Chester looks so nice. Now I should be cleaning my room and putting all my clothes away but I’m laying in my pile of clothes instead. Like I know I should clean it because joe might come over after work but if he doesn’t then I did it for nothing. But if he does and I didn’t clean that would be equally as bad. My room just needs to clean itself.

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it’s so weird that we call our loved ones things that we eat
sugar… pumpkin… honey… baby…

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I’m really hoping today goes by quickly and that I keep my sanity. It’s going to be so busy at work

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i have never seen anyone fuck up this masterfully

it just got worse and worse

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Photographer Francois Brunelle has been working on an amazing project; searching for people who look strikingly similar but have no relation to each other. These are some of this incredible finds. 


this fucked me up

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